More Classic Illustrations

New Classic Archive Illustrations: Selfie

The archive is a collection of all the illustrations that have been syndicated in newspaper publications from 1984 onwards. The archive has recently been made up to date up until April 2015.

Having such a large collection of artwork available means that you are very likely to find an illustration that fits closely to the licensed product you are developing, resulting in a stronger tie-in between design and product.

It is also particularly useful for licenses that require a lot of artwork, such as page-per-day calendars, book collections, etc.

So, if you are looking for an image that is about 'taking a selfie' (2/13/2015) or being 'trending' (4/23/2015) you might be interested in taking a look at the Archive Illustrations of the year 2015. Also subjects like yoga (3/4/2015 - 4/23/2015), looking for a job (4/27/2015) or preparing vegetarian food (3/26/2015) are amongst the images.

Please note these images are only available to licensees and agents when logged into the Classic style guide. If you have a question please contact your local contact