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In Russia, nostalgia or longing for something in the past is part of Russia's cultural spirit. You will frequently find a large amount of nostalgic references in Russian folklore and art.
Article in Total Licensing about Love Is... in Russia
The license Love Is... is a classic example of a nostalgia license in Russia. 5 or 10 years ago it wasn't like that. It hadn't matured back then. However, with a lapse of 15-20 years from the 90s, during which a new generation grew up and adults grew up even more, Love Is... acquired a slightly melancholic flavor looking back at the good old days.
This 'memory' is stirred both on its own and in connection with other attributes, like with Love Is... chewing gum. The Idea of the license is amazingly simple - tiny pictures about love: about relationships, appreciation, humbleness, hope, tenderness, and understanding.
Words simplified these sentiments, all of which created fame for the brand in countries around the world, including, of course, Russia.

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