Now available all 2016 Illustrations

Now available 2016 Illustrations Love Is...

The archive is a collection of all the illustrations that have been syndicated in newspaper publications from 1984 onwards. The archive has recently been made up to date up until December 31st, 2016.

Having such a large collection of artwork available means that you are very likely to find an illustration that fits closely to the licensed product you are developing, resulting in a stronger tie-in between design and product.

It is also particularly useful for licenses that require a lot of artwork, such as page-per-day calendars, comic books or book collections, etc.

So, if you are looking for an image that is about practical stuff like 'the password'(05/19/2016), 'networking together' (06/16/2016), 'getting his message' (30/07/2016) or 'sharing your wi-fi when hers is down (08/02/2016) you definitely should have a go and look at this brilliant new collection. Or do you want to dive into the more philosophical site of live then look for 'seeing the world in a different light' (03/28/2016), 'our first language' (07/23/2016), 'when you always put each other first' (08/12/2016) or 'the best medicine on earth' (11/09/2016) in the Archive Illustrations of 2016.

Please note archive images are only available to licensees and agents when logged into the Classic style guide. If you have a question please contact your local contact.