Licensing Design Partner

Love Is... ways to spot that certain feeling.

Good design lasts forever.

With a history of over 43 years Minikim has showed the strength of a unique design by building the 'Love Is...' comic into a leading global brand. To guide the brand into getting the best results with their partners on a long term, Minikim acknowledges the importance of evolution and is excited to bring a brand new creative vision to you!

Having extensive experience in licensing and design, Creators Dock provides licensors and their partners with creative vision, ready-made ideas for complete merchandising programs and custom design solutions meeting current design and trend needs. The creative team is highly specialised in licensing and understands the boundaries defined by production processes.

Minikim and Creators Dock took off on a creative journey together and developed a vision to help you to deliver 'on trend' products, themes and graphic applications under the 'Love... Is' brand.

Let us inspire you to create that new feeling for Love Is...!
We hope you like it...

Love Is... Look Book Classic and Modern

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